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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Nazis and Soviets Acted as One

What did the Nazis and Bolsheviks have in common, apart from the same graphic designer? According to Snores, almost everything. They were both socialist, nationalist and imperialist. They both wanted to create a "new man" and a "new world order." Socialists are the only group that publicly advocate genocide. There is a jaw-dropping speech by George Bernard Shaw where he advocates euthanasia (a gentle gas, a painless death) for people who can't demonstrate they are "socially productive."

Snores says mass murder was in full swing in the USSR long before the Nazis came to power. The Nazis learned about torture and concentration camps from their socialist brothers. The NKVD literally trained the Gestapo. The system of slave labor and genocide continued in the USSR long after the end of World War Two. Concentration camps dotted the Soviet Union. The Russians conducted torture and medical experiments that would have made Mengele proud. These killers and torturers are still honored in Russia today.