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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In Oklahoma, justice is denied for victims of child rape

A Red Dirt Report reader contacted us and reminded us of the outrageous LeCompte case. We noted this case here at Red Dirt Report back in March, when LeCompte, who got a plea deal when he agreed to plead guilty, received a 20-year suspended sentence under supervision of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. This after this sleaze admitted to raping a six-year old girl.

“We feel that justice has been served,” Otteson told the Phoenix. “The defendant admitted what he did and will serve under very, very stringent rules and conditions of probation.”
The story says LeCompte will have “restrictions” regarding where he can work and live and who he can be around until he reaches the age of 64. He also is going to get “sex offender treatment,” whatever that is.

Hales reported in the Phoenix on March 16 that the mother read a victim impact statement in court saying her daughter bore the brunt of “this sick individual’s abuse. Vincent LeCompte stole my daughter’s innocence, her childhood and her trust. He took advantage of her, and she will have to deal with this the rest of her life.”