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Monday, December 31, 2007

Aspartame Turns Tissues To Plastic

Formaldehyde Embalms The Body And Damages DNA
NutraSweet Is A NueroExcitotoxin And Carcinogenic Drug

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Referring to Dr Woodrow C Monte's article about methanol neural degenerations as "seminal" was very well put, because with an Eminent Scientist like himself drawing a partial background to build upon I can go on to mention several ways in which Aspartame is far worse than methanol.

The Di Keto Piperazine ring isomer of Aspartame, consisting of that entire Aspartame molecule wrapped around upon itself and doubly bonded to itself, is a far more potent and farther reaching polymerizer of proteins, than formaldehyde. As a matter of note: Many plastics chemical substrates are also Diketopiperazines, because of their extreme polymer reactivity.

Surgeons operating upon Aspartame brain tumors often note a WHITE PLASTIC being formed throughout those Aspartame afflicted brains!