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Friday, December 14, 2007

DHS Visited Omaha Mall prior to Shooting

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“We learned today that shortly before the shooting a Homeland Security employee visited the West Roads Mall to talk with officials about the mall’s security,” reports Charles Gibson for ABC News (see video). “Airports and sports arenas have tightened security considerably since 9/11, but malls have been reluctant to do so.”

In other words, the Ministry sent a message in spades: malls, not unlike airports, are to become Gestapo zones. Prior to the shooting, the FBI prepared the ground by issuing a spurious warning about al-Qaeda, the documented CIA intelligence asset, striking malls in Los Angeles and Chicago.

A few more mall incidents by deranged teenagers cranked up on pharm drugs – and maybe even a well-placed terrorist event – and the American people will be begging for surprise SWAT raids at the local mall and Ministry trained rentacops hallucinating Osama behind every concourse potted plant.