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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The untold story of the Genocide of Aboriginal Peoples

What does an apology mean to Harry Wilson?
Harry Wilson was taken from his mother when he was five years old and incarcerated in the Alberni residential school.
He was held there for twelve years and was routinely beaten and sodomized by a network of staff and fellow students, including the infamous Arthur Plint and Principal John Andrews. Their preferred method was to use a bathroom plunger on Harry.One morning, evading his torturers, thirteen year old Harry escaped from the dormitory and stumbled across the body of a young girl from the school, on the playground, as he recounted to me in 1998,
"She was from way up north, a Haida girl. She was naked and all covered in blood, maybe sixteen. I told Andrews later that day and he told me not to tell anyone. She just disappeared. Then the Mounties came and shipped me over to the Indian hospital in Nanaimo ... They held me there in a padded room, all strapped down. Stuck needles in me. I was in there for months, past Christmas ... They kept telling me I never saw the girl's body."