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Friday, November 9, 2007

Govt's 911 Investigators Were ALSO Lead OKC Bombing Investigators

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Would you be surprised to learn that the exact same investigators who headed up the government's investigation into the World Trade Center collapses and the Pentagon attack on 9/11 also headed up the government's investigation into the Oklahoma City bombing?

The WTC collapses, Pentagon attack and OKC bombing involved assessments of entirely different kinds of structures inflicted with different kinds of damage. And there are 1.5 million engineers in the U.S., many of them highly-qualified to investigate attacks and their damage.

And yet the authors of the official report on the Murrah Federal Building -- Gene Corley, Charles Thornton, Paul Mlaker, and Mete Sozen -- were all among the initial team of the American Society of Civil Engineers' 9/11 investigation.