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Friday, November 9, 2007

When Hate Crimes Are Self-Inflicted

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I’ve been trawling through the wasteland of the media on the internet and seen many an article about discrimination crimes (aka hate crimes) and many examples have revealed incidents that were not true. I say again, some people actually fake that they were abused or had property destroyed or damaged and blame someone else who is different. That is the alleged basis for the crime, that the perpetrator is different to the victim and that’s believed to be why the crime occurs.

Anyway, I’m generalising, but many of the fake cases involve jealous or bitter relationships, insurance jobs or happen as a way of getting someone out of trouble - by blaming some other poor bugger. Think I’m full of crap? I’ll let the articles speak for themselves…

French Jews Stunned By Claims Rabbi Faked Own Stabbing
CA Prof. Charged w/ Hate Crime Hoax
Professor Accused of Faking Hate Crime to Undergo Mental Eval.
Cries of Anti-Semitism Disappear After Suspect ID'd

and many more... Click link at top for full story