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Saturday, December 8, 2007

CIA Drug Planes Caught In Mexican Standoff

At least four men have already paid with their lives in Mexico during the ensuing confusion which followed the crash of the CIA-connected Gulfstream business jet which was carrying more than 4 tons of cocaine as well as an yet-unspecified amount of heroin, in the jungle outside of Merida in Mexico's Yucatan on September 24th of this year.

Last week the Director of Civil Aviation in the Yucatan, Jose Luis Soladana Ortiz, was assassinated on his way to work.

And three tortured bodies were discovered lying across a road near the Merida airport several weeks ago, according to reports in the Mexican press.

The murders and multi-ton drug busts are part of a continuing "Mexican stand-off" between rival Mexican drug cartels allied with dueling factions contesting across Mexico's unsettled political landscape, a contest which has resulted in more than 1500 murders already this year.