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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tasers Usher In A New Age of Pain Compliance

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Police officers in the United States and Canada continue to abuse their positions as public servants with the inappropriate use of tasers. Tasers were first provided to police as a weapon that would be used only as an alternative to deadly force. Now, police are using tasers in a myriad of situations in which there is clearly no violent threat being directed against them. In the past few months a pregnant woman, drivers going a few miles over the posted speed limit, a deaf man getting out of a bathtub and many others have all been shot and tortured with a taser gun for no legitimate reason. Hundreds of people have died from being shot at with a taser and the United Nations has gone on record stating that taser use is nothing more than torture. It is clear that the increasing misuse of the taser by police officers is ushering in a new age of pain compliance in the formation of this high tech 21st century police state.