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Friday, July 4, 2008

Glenn Spagnuolo, Recreate 68, and the Denver Blood-bath

The Democratic National Convention in August promises to be a literal 'blood-bath' thanks to folks like Glenn Spagnuolo and his brainchild, Recreate 68. Denver police (all 1400 of them) and a contingent of 300 'borrowed officer' from Aurora will be ill-prepared to deal with the thousands of protesters who will be present on Denver's streets. Spagnuolo says that if there is any violence it will be the fault of the Denver police dept. Of course it will.Recreate 68 is a mere umbrella organization for the varied anarchist groups intending to 'disrupt' both the DNC in Denver and the RNC in September. Unless Denver and Minneapolis authorities boost their manpower on the streets Spagnuolo will get exactly what he and his ilk want - a blood-bath.