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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What Happened to WTC 7?

To the truthers, "building 7" ­ the third building in the World Trade Center complex to collapse on September 11 ­ is evidence that the mainstream media is in on the plot. On that day, the BBC reported the building's fall almost half an hour before it happened. Journalist Jane Standley was broadcast at 4.54pm eastern time reporting that the tower had collapsed ­ but in the background, it was still standing.
It fell 26 minutes later, seven hours after the Twin Towers came down.
When the Standley clip hit YouTube, truthers bombarded the BBC's website with questions and accusations. Richard Porter, head of BBC world news, was forced to deny that the broadcaster was reading from the Bush conspirators' script. He said the BBC had misreported warnings from fire crews of the building's imminent collapse and instead stated that it had already happened. He blamed the confusion of the day for the mix-up. CNN had earlier reported rumours that a third building had either collapsed or was about to.