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Friday, August 15, 2008

Clinton to get Roll Call at Democratic Convention

WASHINGTON — Turns out Democratic primary loser Hillary Rodham Clinton will get time to shine at the party's national convention after all _ and quite a bit of it. Democrats officially will choose Barack Obama to run against Republican John McCain this fall.
But in an emblematic move meant to heal divisive primary wounds, the vanquished Clinton name also will be placed in nomination alongside his during the traditional state-by-state delegation roll call vote at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.
Historically, the roll call has occurred on the convention's third night. That's still likely, although Democrats say the mechanics of how the vote will play out still are being determined. When it occurs, Clinton _ herself a superdelegate who gets a vote _ is expected to release her delegates to Obama, announce her support for him and ask her backers to do the same.
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