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Thursday, August 7, 2008

‘Suicide’ of Anthrax Scientist–Another Mossad Frame Up?

But more importantly, as any good cop will testify, a case not closed means a case still open, which means going back to square one and reviewing the evidence all over again in the hopes of finding something possibly missed. Obviously this means looking at information certain entities (and particularly those interested in dragging the US into Israel’s dirty wars) can’t afford to have exposed to public scrutiny, and in particular the evidence revolving around a certain Lt. Col. Phillip Zack.
For those who bought into the made-in-Israel storyline following the 2001 anthrax attacks that ‘the Ay-rabs did it,’ Zack was a researcher at the same Ft. Dietrich bio-weapons lab where the now ‘suicided’ Bruce Ivins worked. Along with Zack and Ivins was also one Ayyaad Assaad, an Egyptian-born scientist who became the butt of a concerted anti-Arab, anti-Islamic campaign organized and executed by Zack and some of his cohorts at the lab who collectively called themselves ‘the Camel Club’. A few days after 9/11 an anonymous letter turned up at a Marine base in Quantico Virginia accusing Assaad of being a terrorist planning biological attacks against America. According to Assaad’s testimony to the FBI agents who interviewed him, the personal information contained in the letter could only have been written by a co-worker at the lab, and surprise, surprise, a few days later, anthrax turns up in the mail. Furthermore, a security film caught Zack entering the Ft. Dietrich facility after hours at a time he no longer worked there, and more importantly, caught him on tape entering a secure section of the facility where the very same strain of anthrax used in the attacks later turned up missing. Given that the anthrax attacks amounted to the use of a weapon of mass destruction against the United States, naturally investigative eyes were on all persons considered relevant to the case, and–almost as if on cue–just about the time Zack and his anti-Arab bigotry started to circulate as clues in the case, the previously-mentioned Barbara Hatch Rosenberg floated the idea that Steven Hatfill should be put under the microscope, which he was, while all investigation of Zack slipped out the proverbial back door, never to be mentioned again.